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Get2net is a high-speed Satellite VSAT Internet solution that delivers fast and reliable internet to difficult to connect spots in Zimbabwe

We a wide choice of subscriptions to meet all budgets and requirements.We have partnered with leading global satellite operators to deliver service where it is needed.

We use the latest Ka-, Ku- and C-band technology to deliver focused coverage across Africa. This new generation of Satellite Internet services brings more capacity and more affordable services across our coverage areas.

Get2net offers a wide choice of subscriptions packages designed to meet all budgets and requirements.

Using a simple modem and dish setup, connect to the internet via Satellite with no telephone line required. 

We offer VSAT service in most of the Southern African region. Click to see a more detailed map of our satellite footprints.

Submit your contact details and your requirements so we can quickly get back to you with the information you need.


VSAT consists of two parts, a satellite dish and LNB that is placed outdoors in direct line of sight to the satellite and a modem that is placed indoors to interface the satellite dish and  the end user's PC. The satellite LNB receives or sends a signal to  the satellite transponder in the sky. The satellite then sends and receives signals from the NOC (Network Operations Centre) as a hub for the system. The NOC controls the entire operation of the network and connects the end user to the internet. 


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